De arkeologiska artefakternas museala liv : En biografi över Valsgärdesamlingen

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för ABM


The museum life of archaeological artefacts - A biography of the Valsgärde-collection is a two years master ́s thesis in Archive, Library and Museum studies at Uppsala University in Sweden. It is an object biography of an archaeological collection housed in the university museum Museum Gustavianum in Uppsala. The collection is the result of excavations conducted by Uppsala University in the early 20th century in Valsgärde in Gamla Uppsala parish, Uppland. The aim of the study is to highlight the museum life of archaeological artefacts and relate this to the curation crisis within archaeology, as described in Anglo-American research. Archival material from the museum was examined, using a method inspired by ethnographic content analysis (ECA), in order to write a biography of the curatorial management and use of the collection. The resulting object biography revealed clear signs that the collection had been suffering from problems associated with the curation crisis during its museum life. The perspective offered by the biographical narrative also revealed some long-term issues that resulted in these problems. Both general problems described in research on the curation crisis and issues specific to the Valsgärde-collection is illustrated by this object biography. The study shows that a continuation of the biographies of archaeological artefacts beyond the mere excavation phase offers insights into issues within, as well as possible solutions to, the archaeological curation crisis. 

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