"Fallosen som en allsmäktig gud." En intervjustudie om hur mainstreampornografi influerar kvinnor och deras heterosexuella praktiker

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Genusvetenskapliga institutionen

Sammanfattning: Mainstreampornography is a widespread phenomena through the accessibility of internet and is a polarized debate regarding what it produces and how it effects people. The aim of this thesis is to make women’s experience visibile in the maintreampornography debates and how it has shaped and effected women in their daily heterosexual practices with men. A qualitative method has been used, where six participants have shared their stories and experiences. Through these stories, I have established common themes: Idealised image, faking culture, penetration and violence and assault. These themes have been identified through the theoretical frames of sexual script theory and the male gaze. The participants of this study express how they reinforce the mainstreampornography image of a woman during sexual practices, where they get self-validation from how the men perceives them. To fake an orgasm or moan during sexual intercourse with men is something these women engage in because their experiences show that the sexual pleasure is focused on the male and the penetration act. They learn a passive role in their heterosexual practices where men can control the process of their sexual context and what will transpire. Therefore, mainstreampornography produce a image of the woman as passive in relation to the man and where women gets harmed by this idea that their sexual pleasure, is taken for granted.

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