Earned value management : En fallstudie om applicering och implementering av earned value management i byggbranschen

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Jönköping University/JTH, Logistik och verksamhetsledning

Sammanfattning: Abstract Purpose – The purpose of this study is to increase the knowledge about how Earned Value Management can be used and be implemented for project management in the construction industry. In order to achieve the study’s purpose, two research questions has been formulated: [1] How can Earned Value Management be used for management of construction projects? [2] What is required to implement Earned Value Management in the construction industry? Method – The questions were answered with the help a case study where qualitative data was collected through interviews and a document study. 42 of the case company’s internal documents were studied in parallel with five interviews. The theoretical framework of the study was formulated through a literature study where relevant theories were studied. The study has adopted an inductive approach since a construction company is studied to create an explanatory model for how earned value management can be used and implemented in the construction industry. Empirical data were analyzed in relation to the study’s theoretical framework to answer the study’s purpose and research questions. Findings – Earned value management can to some extent be adapted to the complexity of the project. However, there are steps in the method which must always be carried out thoroughly for the control tool to be useful in the construction industry. The results of the study show that earned value management can be used for project management in two dimensions, partly as a problem-solving function and partly as a prognostic function. For earned value management to be used and implemented in the construction industry, a detailed design is required where the organization must allocate sufficient resources. The study also shows that the main implementation requirement for earned value management in the construction industry is education as the industry lacks knowledge of the control tool and its benefits. Implications – In essence, the study supports several existing theories. The study'sunique contribution is a knowledge that some adaptation of earned value management is possible with some regulation. The results of the study can be a support for companies in the construction industry in project management because it shows the impact of the steps on the next step and how it then affects the forecast calculations in the final step. It also shows effective ways of dealing with common problems in the industry. Limitations – There is a certain limitation regarding the generalizability of the result as the study only covers one case. The study is completed over a limited period, which is significantly shorter than the completion time for the study case. The result could have been more reliable if the study had been expanded with a completed project

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