Tillit i en ny e-handelskontext : Hur aspekter av informationsarkitektur påverkar användarnas tillit

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från

Sammanfattning: This bachelor thesis aims to examine how users’ trust is affected on a single product e-commerce website. With a focus on aspects of information architecture that have been identified as critical to users’ trust in traditional e- commerce, we aim to examine how these aspects are valued by the users in regard to trust in this new e- commerce context. A mixed method approach, consisting of an evaluation survey that generated both quantitative and qualitative data was applied. The survey gathered the participants’ attitude on how the aspects of the website affected their trust and was supplemented by open-ended answers explaining which dimensions of the aspect that were critical on their perceived trust. Findings from this study are consistent with previous research on traditional e-commerce websites, proving all examined aspects to have a significant impact on the users’ perceived trust. Further findings in this study identify both opportunities and complications in regards to implementing information architecture that comes with the use of the single product website business model.

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