Sjuksköterskors erfarenhet och upplevelse av att identifiera symtom och tecken på poststrokedepression

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Författare: Jenny Liang Mejerbo; [2016-03-21]

Nyckelord: Stroke; depression; omvårdnad; detektion; sjuksköterska;

Sammanfattning: Background: Poststrokedepression (PSD) is considered the most common neuropsychiatric consequence of stroke. Depression affects physical recovery, quality of life and mortality. An important part of nurses ‘responsibility is to identify and assess signs and symptoms of depression in the care of patients with stroke. This responsibility also includes listening to patients and give advice (Ginkel et al., 2010). Aim: The aim of the study is to light up nurses´ experiences to identify symptoms and signs of poststrokedepression.Method: The study has a qualitative approach, data is based on interviews with ten nurses in a stroke unit of a hospital. The manifest content analysis is done according Graneheim and Lundman (2004). Results: The data analysis showed three main categories: Attention to changes in personality and social withdrawal; Functional team work and communication between staff and dependents and experience of stress and responsibility to detect post stroke depression. The nurses in the study felt that it was important to be attentive and observant for symptoms and signs of meeting with each patient. They also confirmed the importance of cooperation with their colleagues and patients relatives to get information about patients. The results also showed that nurses experienced the lack of time as a major barrier to early detection of post stroke depression.Conclusion: Study results showed nurses good knowledges to detect people with symptoms and signs of post-stroke depression. It is important that the nurse's knowledge highlighted and used in the discovery of poststrokedepression and further studies in depth knowledge in poststrokedepression is recommended.

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