Vad säger läroböckerna om Korstågen? : En religionhistorisk läromedelsanalys

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Religionshistoria

Sammanfattning:  This study has analyzed what students in Swedish middle schools learn about the various crusades. This was done by analyzing different study books and course literature. These books are targeted towards students in grade 7-9. This essay has studied course literature from different time periods in the Swedish schooling system and under different guidelines. The essay has studied the more modern books and what they say about the exciting yet controversial subject that is the crusades. Which subjects even write about them and what do they say? Are the fabled knights in shining armor as good as they thought they were or were they monsters from the deepest of hells? Well, as all things, the truth lies in the middle. But it is how they portray them and what the books have to say about the crusades that is intriguing. What words do they use? Which sides of the different conflicts shine the brightest in the eye of the author and thus in the eye of the pupils reading it. I will also be using some tools and theories to see how good the fact is portrayed in the different books. As I stated above. These tools and theories are from a book called Att spegla världen; Läromedelsstudier i teori och praktik (2011) by Niklas Ammert. So what have these study books told us about the crusades? Well, as the study concluded it depends on who the author or authors are and which company makes the books. It also depends a lot on what the book focuses on. The crusaders are however generally depicted as murderers and in the wrong in most of the books that the essay chose to study.

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