SFI- Invandrares nyckel in i samhället? En kvalitativ undersökning om SFI villkorade deltagares syn på förväntningar, motivation och prestationskrav inom SFI utbildningen

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: This C-level thesis aims at increasing the understanding of how SFI prescribed participants, Who are on conditional income support, experience their study motivation and what they expect from the education. It has also been of interest to give attention to the opinions of teachers, social secretaries, principals, the Government and an SFI expert on these topics. The selection has been limited to Arabic speaking SFI prescribed participants, partly because this group represents the majority of those who study SFI in the municipality of Helsingborg, but also because my own native language is Arabic. Factors like age, gender and native country have not been analysed as I have focused on the following four topics: Expectations of the education, the condition, the study motivation and the bonus system. I have interviewed ten SFI participants, five women and five men, from three SFI arrangements in the municipality of Helsingborg. In order to get a better overall picture I have chosen to interview seven professionals, two of them by mail interviews and five by in-depth interviews. The results of the survey show that all of the participants appreciate that the SFI education is offered to everybody. But opinions differ when it comes to the aim of the education. Some of the respondents think that the education is a way of passing the time that will not lead to a meaningful establishment , whereas others are of the opposite opinion - that the education is the key into the community. The bonus system is something which all of the respondents have criticized as not everybody has the same possibility to be covered by it. Keywords: Rosenthal, Pygmalion, Motivation, SFI, Education, Swedish, foreigner, Arabic, prescribed participants, income support

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