Utsatthet för mobbning inom skolämnet idrott och hälsa

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Gymnastik- och idrottshögskolan, GIH/Institutionen för idrotts- och hälsovetenskap

Författare: Mattias Grünewald; [2005]

Nyckelord: ;

Sammanfattning: The aim has been to see if physical education (PE) is more an arena for bullying than swedish language education, in a swedish urban school. Furthermore to get an insight in the students sense of exposure to bullying in the locker room and during PE class. In the purpose is also included to analyse the answers in a gender perspective. Questions are: Is PE to wider extent an arena for bullying compared to swedish language education? Is the students’ opinion that they feel worried about being and changing clothes in the locker room due to other students bad intentions? Do the students think that boys and girls bully in different ways? The method used is a questionnaire answered by 69 students in seventh and eighth grade in Åsö compulsory school. Furthermore, interviews has been made with a boy, a girl at the school and a teacher in PE to get a deeper insight above the questionnaire. Results of the study showed that the students to a wide extent, 100 % of the girls (g) and 89 % of the boys (b) thought that bullying can look different between PE and swedish language class. A vast majority (78 % g and 78 % b) believes that students with poor results in sports can feel left out during PE and that it can get so rough that some might find it unpleasant (66 % g and 87 % b), furthermore that it’s harder for the teacher to notice bullying during PE (72 % g and 60 % b). According to the study students believe that bullying most often takes place during brakes, followed by the locker room, PE and swedish language class. A majority believes that many experience worry for being commented on their body in the locker room (62 % g and 57 % b) The students believed obesity to be the biggest reason for being bullied. The students believed with vast majority (81 % g and 86 % b) that girls and boys bully in different ways. Conclusions are that students experiences PE as an arena for bullying to a wider extent than swedish language class. Though the PE teacher in the study means that it’s often during PE that bullying is discovered and thus be dispersed together with the remaining staff. The students experience that many feel worried in the locker room for being commented on their body. Moreover the study shows that obesity is most common reason for being bullied, which can be extra obvious in the locker room. The students think that boys and girls bully in different ways. The opinion is that boys are more direct in their way of bullying with words and actions while girls more tend to exclude their target for bullying.

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