En bok till varje läsare, en läsare till varje bok: En kvalitativ studie av hur bibliotekarier ger lästips

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Avdelningen för ABM och digitala kulturer

Sammanfattning: The aim of this thesis has been to achieve a deeper understanding of how librarians provide adult readers with individually adapted readers´ advisory in public libraries. The focus within this context, has been to find an answer to how the librarians understand what appeal factors the readers are attracted to and what kind of reading experience the readers are looking for to be able to match book and reader. To be able to find answers to our research question we conducted eight interviews with librarians working with readers´ advisory in eight different public libraries in Skåne. Our theoretical standing point for the thesis has been that of Marie L. Radford and Cathrine Sheldrick Ross. Sheldrick Ross provided theories concerning the appeal factors of books. More specifically appeal factors have to do with different elements in books that readers are attracted to. Radford on the other hand has been an important contributor concerning the communicative aspect of readers´ advisory. Radford states the importance of the content of the interaction as well as how the content is being communicated, in other words how feelings and attitudes are being communicated between the participants. The result of our study shows that according to the librarians the readers are often vague in their request for a good read. Despite the fact that the librarians tend to conduct readers´ advisory interviews, they do not always seem to understand what the readers are actually looking for. The librarians do seem to touch upon some of the criteria listed by Cathrine Sheldrick Ross, but only occasionally and briefly. Regarding communication, the librarians seem to regard communicative competence as an important factor for successful readers´ advisory. They also seem to regard the relational aspect of communication as an important part of the readers´ advisory transaction. We believe that a greater awareness among the librarians concerning the appeal factors, would increase their understanding of the readers desires for a good book and would provide a common vocabulary necessary for a successful result.

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