En vetenskaplig essä om reflektion och reflektionskulturer på förskolan

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Institutionen för kultur och lärande

Sammanfattning: The topic of this essay is reflection and reflection cultures in preschool. In preschool in Sweden, the notion of reflection is frequently used. However, the word is used without much consideration. What does reflection mean and what are we doing when we say that we reflect?  Based on experiences and thoughts about reflection and its content and meaning, I have investigated the notion of reflection and reflection in preschools. The aim of this study was to identify both the small and bigger aspects that can make a difference. Furthermore, discover various factors and approaches that distinguish a reflection which influences the content of the reflection, the process of reflection. Also, material aspects that may influence the reflection. My research questions are as follows: -What happens during the planned reflection time? -What aspects does the phenomenon of reflection consist of? -Do we need practical and theoretical knowledge to be able to reflect? -What material aspects affect reflection?                                                                             - From my results, which importance can refelction have in the preschool? The empirical data consists of stories from my own life, and experiences and thoughts that have appeared throughout the years. To get perspective on what I think I know, I make observations and I sit on various reflection forums. Through my observations and through the reading of scientific and literary texts, I put attention to various aspects of reflection. The literature helps me to put words on the concept of reflection, but at the same time leads to more questions and concerns in my thoughts. My study shows that we are using the word reflection without actually knowing the meaning of it. In forums where reflection is about to make place, the content is varied. Also, the content of the conversations is affected by multiple aspects. Both aspects about creating conditions for reflection and also aspects considering approach and knowledge. There is no "quick fix" for a well-functioning reflection in preschool since all aspects affect one another. It is not just about the moment of reflection, but factors from around that influence the reflection. By paying attention to these aspects, we can change and develop our reflection in preschool.

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