MUSIKINTRESSEVÄCKANDE - En studie om hur intresset för musik väckts och bibehållits hos sex elever på gymnasieskolans musikestetiska program

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Musikhögskolan i Malmö

Sammanfattning: Title: How one becomes interested in music: A study of the arousal, revival and maintenance of musical interest as perceived by six students at the upper secondary school’s aesthetics education This qualitative interview study attempts to investigate how six pupils studying music at the upper secondary school’s aesthetics program became interested in music, how the lower secondary school has affected their musical interest and why they have maintained this interest. The participants of this study consist of three boys and three girls studying at three different Swedish upper secondary schools. The result indicates that social environment, access to good role models and musical instruments, ample exposure to music from an early age, dedicated and competent music teachers, individual development (the opening of "new" doors and conquering of new knowledge), and purely musical factors, such as the feelings the music conveys, have a positive impact on the participants' interest in music.

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