Skapande av musik förr och nu : Vad innebär vår tids teknologi för skapandeprocessen

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Örebro universitet

Sammanfattning: In which ways have composing processes in music appeared over the past 300 years? How may composing processes work today? What does new technology do to this processes? The key purpose of this study is to investigate various composing processes. A further purpose is also to gain an awareness of how we use modern technology by computers and their notation programmes. The research design of this thesis includes a display of literature related to composing processes. along with an analysis of the writer’s own experiences in the area. Therefore, included in this thesis, is a score and a recording of a new composition together with an analysis of the writer’s own composing process. The results of the writer’s composing process of this piece, are furthermore discussed with three of the writer’s colleauges. This study deliberately focuses on Western classical music and jazz improvisation as these are genres where the writer has his own musical background. He will therefore be able to reflect upon his own experiences in the area. Today the computer and its programs is a natural component in the musical process, however, it might tempt us to take ’short cuts’ in parts of the creating process. The findings of this study point towards the idea that in order to create a sense of inspiration in a composition or in a performance, the process has to be rooted physically in the body, without any use of ’short cuts’.

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