Numerical methods for design of the transfer line of the ESSnuSB project : Independent Project in Engineering Physics

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/FREIA

Sammanfattning: ESS neutrino Super Beam (ESSnuSB) is a project that aim to create ahigh energy beam of neutrinos and anti-neutrinos to study thephenomenon neutrino oscillation and learn more about symmetryviolations in quantum mechanics. To create the neutrino beam, negativeHydrogen ions must be transported from the ESS linear accelerator at2.5 GeV, to a proton accumulation ring. This is done through a transferline, that shall direct the ion beam while preserve the beam as much aspossible. In thisproject, there was an attempt at finding a design for this transferline. Preferably, the line consists of a long main line of FODO cellsand two matching sections at each end. A simulation of the beam wasdone that gives the progression beta and dispersion functions,statistical measurements of the particle distribution, through a partof the transfer line. A design for the main line was found. For tuningthe quadrupole magnets, an iterative method using the system's responsematrix was used. However, it could not match more than four parametersat the time, while six was required for complete matching. Because ofthis, it is not able to match thedispersion.

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