Organisatorisk och social arbetsmiljö i praktiken – utbildning som stöd för att främja hälsa i arbetslivet

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för medicin

Sammanfattning: Introduction: The psychosocial conditions in working life are of great importance to mental health and well-being. The organizational and social work environment has important implications for psychosocial conditions in the work life. In order to promote public health and reduce inequality in health, it is important to work systematically with the work environment to ensure a positive work environment for all employees in the labour market. Year 2015 The Work Environment Authority developed regulations on organizational and social work environments (AFS 2015: 4). Participation and empowerment have been used as theoretical framework. Aim: The aim of this study was to evaluate Prevents’ company-adapted course, “Organisational and Social Work Environment in Practice”, by examining how HR representatives, managers and security representatives found support from the course with using the Work Environment Authority's regulations, and general advice on the organisational and social work environment (AFS 2015: 4) in the systematic effort towards a positive working environment. Method: Qualitative methodology was chosen and semi-structured interviews were conducted with a total of six persons from three different companies. Result: The results showed that the participants gained increased knowledge of the regulations and how they should interpret them in practice; however, the participants still stated that they had difficulty in doing so. Conclusion: The course contributed with knowledge, a common view and to some extent empowerment. To increase the ability to work with organizational and social work environment in practice more knowledge is needed about how to include employees to improve their work environment. This study can be used for Prevent to improve their course.

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