Mellan lärande, relationsskapande och identitetsskapande : En studie av lärares beskrivningar av fenomenet elevinflytande och delaktighet i elevers utvecklingsssamtal

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för pedagogik, didaktik och utbildningsstudier



Student influence and participation are phenomena that have been debated for a long time throughout school educations’ history; yet, they still do not meet the intentions of school curriculums. At the same time, recent research has shown these aspects to be meaningful for students’ learning abilities, all the while highlighting the teacher’s important role in their implementation. This study emanates from a global life perspective and examines the assumption that teacher’s experiences are important for how influence and participation are shaped, especially targeting student counseling. The aim with this study is to contribute with more understanding of these aspects, the significance they imply and their importance for learning.

This study is formed like a case study and is conducted at a F-9 school with a sample of teachers who are currently involved in the development of student-led counseling. The teachers are being interviewed through qualitative focus group interviews and observed during student-led counseling. The results of the interviews are evaluated through a phenomenologically based method of analysis and a hermeneutically based interpretation. The results of the observations are evaluated on the grounds of the concept of global life perspective, intersubjectivity and intentionality.

The result shows that teacher’s experiences on students’ influence and participation incorporate three subjects: preparatory work, execution and subsequent work, which emerge as an outcome of the fact that counseling was led by students. The result points out teacher’s experiences of factors that influence their work, where time, expectations and the student category ’teenagers’ are dominating. These factors obtrude on different levels in a fluctuation between each other, mutually affecting each other and manifesting themselves as both possibilities and obstacles. The result of the significance of student influence and participation is focused on in three main subjects: form of teaching, creating relations and creating identity. Each main subject contains sub-categories. The main subject ‘form of teaching’ involves the enabling of reflections, form of judgment, comprehensibility, raising awareness, increasing motivation and clarification. The main subject ‘creating relations’ consists of increasing quality and creating security. The main subject ‘creating identity’ incorporates the increase of taking responsibility. Responsibility entails growth in close relation to the student’s confidence and faith in his own capabilities. The result demonstrates that these subjects stand in mutual relation to each other, that they depend on each other and can become each other’s factors of influence.


Key words: Pedagogics, Student influence, Participation, Counseling, Global life perspective

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