"Blott Sverige svenska krusbär har" : En kvalitativ studie om nation branding av svensk måltidskultur

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för marknadsföring (MF)

Sammanfattning: This candidate thesis contains a qualitative study of how Sweden markets its gastronomicculture internationally through nation branding. The study was conducted through adeductive research approach. Through nation branding, Sweden has become the new, littlestar on the gastronomic world scene. Sweden markets by using storytelling where importantactors seek to show an idyllic picture of a picturesque Sweden as a destination. The profile,which deals with concepts such as healthy, fresh, ethical and sustainable, strives to paint apicture that deals with nature, sustainability, the environment, the quality of food ingredientsand its world-renowned innovative chefs. Sweden has undergone a major change since theturn of the millennium. Swedes have left part of their external perspective, and started to lookmore inward to get inspiration. The new Nordic cuisine is the philosophy that has driven thechange in how Swedes view the quality and uniqueness of their kitchen. Sweden markets thisvigorously to the outside world, in the hope of attracting tourists and investors, but also toincrease the export of its food and drink. The effects that these industries have on Sweden'seconomy cannot be underestimated. By creating memorable and unique meal experiences forthe visiting meal tourists, Sweden differs from other destinations. Attracting foreign investorsand international companies is no easy task, as there is already a picture of Swedishgastronomy in other countries. Changing perceptions takes time and requires awell-developed strategy. In order to obtain primary data, several people with expertise ingastronomy, cultural anthropology and marketing have been interviewed in this study. Manyof these people represent various organizations and institutions that market Swedishgastronomy and meal tourism. The theory formation in this study touches on the topics ofstorytelling, nation branding and profiling. This study explains what the Swedish mealculture is, what the brand looks like and how Sweden markets it. The conclusion is that theSwedes have been too withdrawn to market their meal culture and food and beverageproduction. However, it seems to be about to change and Swedish cuisine is gaining morerecognition around the world. There is a great potential that is untapped.

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