A Comparison of C++, C#, Java, and PHP in the context of e-learning

Detta är en Master-uppsats från KTH/Kommunikationssystem, CoS

Författare: Mikael Olsson; [2009]

Nyckelord: programming; video tutorial; e-learning; C ; C#; Java; PHP;


The first part of this master thesis presents an effective method for producing video tutorials. This method was used during this thesis project to create tutorials on the elearning site PVT (http://www.programmingvideotutorials.com). Part one also discloses how the production method was developed and how tutorials produced using this method compare to professional video tutorials. Finally, it evaluates the result of this thesis work and the efficiency of the production method.

The second part of this thesis compares the syntactical similarities and differences between four of the languages taught via video tutorials for PVT. These languages are: C++, C#, Java, and PHP. The purpose of this comparison is to provide a bridge for programmers knowing one of these languages to rapidly learn one or more of the other languages. The reason why this would be necessary is because there is no single language suited for every area of software development. Knowing a multitude of languages gives a programmer a wider range of job opportunities and more choices in how to solve their problems. Part two of the thesis also includes a comparison of Java and C# in the context of a video tutorial series that shows how to build a basic text editor.

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