Kommunicera mera inne på operationssalen! -en systematisk litteraturstudie

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Sammanfattning: Background: A safe and careful way of working in the meeting between technology and patient is important. Non-technical skills such as team work and communication between the members of the operation team are fundamental to maintaining patient safety. The operation nurse, together with the team, has a responsibility to communicate in a efficient and patient-safe manner as possible. There are tools such as WHO's checklist, CRM-training (crisis resource management) and simulation to facilitate communication between team members and to ensure patient safety. Despite this, the research shows that lack of communication in the operating room occurs, which in turn can cause nursing injuries.Aim: The purpose of this study was to search structurally, review quality and compile literature published between 2014-2019, which describes the extent to which communication affects the members of an operation team.Method: A systematic literature search was made in the databases Cinahl and PubMed. The authors read and made a first screening based on title and abstract. The authors then read the articles in full text individually based on established inclusion and exclusion criteria. The SBU's review template was used in the assessment of the quality of the articles that have been published since then, then the authors made data extraction and categorized the data based on outcome.Result: All articles describe that communication is problematic and lacking. They also describe that the use of the WHO checklist and CRM training, simulation as well as knowledge of non-technical skills affects communication for the better and protects patient safety. At the same time, it is clear that the perception of what good communication is differs between the team members. All studies had scientific shortcomings.Conclusion: Evidence is still inadequate and better studies are needed in the future, in order to shed light on the chosen area, which can lead to more effective communication and thereby to an improved care for the patient in surgery.

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