Det ligger i luften - en enkät undersökning om kvalitetssäkring av ventilation på oprationssalen

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Sammanfattning: ABSTRACTIntroduction: Postoperative wound infection is the third most common nosocomial infection in Sweden. The ever-growing problem of antibiotic resistance provides surgical departments a big challenge when it comes to preventing the spread of infection. Operating theatre nurses have a vital role in the prevention of infection. In addition, correct ventilation in the operating theatre is of great importance. The caregiver is responsible for quality assurance of ventilation in the operating theatre, but the work can be delegated to other staff within the department. Today, little is written of the knowledge about quality assuring of the ventilation and how it is preceded. The study investigates the knowledge about the function of the ventilation and its importance with prevention of infection in mind.Aim of the study: The aim of the study is to describe what knowledge operations managers, heads of clinics and operating theatre nurses currently have about the quality of existing ventilation in the operating theatre.Method: The study was done through a quantitative, descriptive design in the form of a questionnaire survey. This study is a research plan with a pilot study. Respondents who answered the questionnaire were surgical nurses at four different surgical departments. A total of 20 questionnaires were included in the pilot study.Result: The results imply that operating theatre nurses have some knowledge of the various factors that can reduce the number of particles in the air in the operating room, but that the majority of respondents would like more information about ventilation in the operating theatre.Discussion: All professionals in the surgical department should know how the ventilation system works and be able to operate it to function optimally. The unclear division of responsibilities of quality assurance activities can, in the worst case, lead to serious problems due to poor ventilation of the operating theatre. The pilot study illustrates the level of knowledge about the ventilation in the operating theatre among operating theatre nurses. More research is required to increase consciousness about the quality assurance of the ventilation.Keywords: Quality assurance, ventilation system, airborne infection, operating theatre, operating theatre nurse

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