ORWAR: a delay-tolerant protocol implemented on the Android platform

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Linköpings universitet/RTSLAB - Laboratoriet för realtidssystem

Sammanfattning: The Aim of this thesis is to implement the "Opportunistic DTN Routing with Window-aware Adaptive Replication" (ORWAR) protocol on the Android platform.Delay-Tolerant Networks (DTNs) are particular mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) architectures that try to solve the issues related to the lack of point to point connectivity between the nodes of the network or between its sub-networks (partitions). The general approach is based on techniques of store-carry-forward of the messages whereby delivery can be achieved even in partitioned networks, though with mobility-dependent delays. DTNs can be considered as a means of communication for scenarios where infrastructure-based networks cannot be deployed or get dysfunctional for some reasons, such as in the case of a natural disaster or highly overloaded infrastructure. ORWAR is a DTN protocol that tries to exploit knowledge about the context of mobile nodes (speed, direction of movement and radio range) to estimate the size of a contact window in order to avoid the energy waste deriving from partial transmissions. This report presents the design and the implementation of the protocol on the Android platform. It then describes some functional tests together with an analysis of the energy consumption and the performance reachable on our test device Android Development Phone 1.

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