En explorativ fallstudie med fokus på turtagning mellan föräldrar och unga spädbarn : Utvärdering av PEPP-modellens kartläggningsmetoder LENA och videoanalys

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Blom Johansson: Logopedi; Uppsala universitet/Blom Johansson: Logopedi

Sammanfattning: Interaction is an important aspect for children’s language development. The intervention model Prevention Education Program for Parents (PEPP) is currently under development within the research project Ord gör skillnad, Karolinska Institutet. PEPP is an intervention for parents to children aged 0–12 months who’s recently been diagnosed with hearing impairment. In PEPP parents receive guidance based on the child’s language environment which is mapped through Language ENvironment Analysis (LENA) and video analysis. LENA is a speech processing technological tool that analyzes the child’s language environment. The video analysis is made manually based on short video records of interactions between child and parent. The purpose of this study was to evaluate these mapping methods reliabilities to measure verbal conversational turns. The study also aimed to investigate if there’s a pattern between the amount of verbal conversational turns in a structured playtime and in the home environment. Four families with children aged 0:26–7:3 months participated. The child and parent interacted in a structured playtime that was analyzed with LENA and video analysis. Each family also made a LENA recording for an entire day in their home environment. The amount of verbal conversational turns in the structured playtime was analyzed by two assessors through video analysis. Inter-rater reliability was calculated, and a qualitative assessment was made for intervals in which the inter-rater reliability was <80%. The conformity between video analysis and LENA in the structured playtime was calculated. Further, a comparison was made between the amount of verbal conversational turns measured with LENA in home environment and structured environment. The inter-rater reliability in this study was high and in the qualitative assessment aggravating factors were identified. The conformity between video analysis and LENA analysis of the structured playtime was moderate. The amount of verbal conversational turns was higher for all participants in the structured environment compared to the home environment. This study indicates that video analysis is a reliable method. However, the aggravating aspects should be remedied in order to increase the reliability. The results confirm previous findings that demonstrate limitations with LENA’s ability to measure conversational turns in young infants. This study indicates that the number of conversational turns is higher in structured environments. To ensure the results in this study further research should be conducted.

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