Det ska vara lätt att göra rätt - om kommunalt klimatarbete för att minska invånares klimatpåverkan

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Miljövetenskaplig utbildning

Sammanfattning: Despite the fact that local and household levels are causing large amounts of the greenhouse gas emissions in Sweden, global climate policy has mainly focused on international and national solutions when coping with climate change mitigation. The aim of this study is to unearth and discuss measures that municipalities can use in order to mitigate the climate impact of their citizens. The method used is a case study of the municipality of Växjö. The empirical material consists of semi-structural interviews with civil servants and municipal policy documents. An analytical framework, designed to analyze climate change policy and local climate actions, is used to analyze the material. This study shows that for the case of Växjö municipality several departments within the municipal organization are working with mitigating climate impact of the citizens. This is done through three modes of governing: governing by authority, governing by provision and governing by enabling. Växjö municipality has four steering documents that are the main policy instruments dealing with the climate impact of citizens. They contain visions, targets, and measures regarding the citizens’ climate impact, and express a need for changing consumption patterns, particularly within the transport sector, in order to lower the overall climate impact. The citizens are seen as important actors, primarily as consumers, and the municipality’s measures to reach them mostly consist of information outreach. These types of measures are aimed at raising the citizens’ awareness and enable them to act with less climate impact. Although not without advantages, these types of measures create little space for citizen involvement. While a few more participatory initiatives have indeed been implemented in Växjö, more could be done to involve the citizens directly.

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