Utveckling av ventilationssystem

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Malmö universitet/Institutionen för materialvetenskap och tillämpad matematik (MTM)

Sammanfattning: A company by the name Razorback has a room with two vacuum pumps. This room gets uncomfortably hot on work days, while another room does not have any heating system at all. The purpose of this project is to contain the excess heat and ventilate it to the cold room. The goal is to develop a complete design basis containing drawings, CAD-models and code for a ventilation system. Razorback Engineering AB is an engineering company that executes lesser and greater assignments within project management, software development and construction. The project largely followed deve- lopment processes that are well proven and recognized. This ensured that the project had a well-structured method. The results presented a ventila- tion system that is controlled and regulated with the help of a pipe, a valve, a fan, a connector and two sensors. The valve and the connector are con- structed, and the other parts are bought. The results show that Razorback will be able to save lots of energi to a low cost. 

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