Digitala verktyg och barns litteracitet i förskolan : en vetenskaplig essä om digitalisering i förskolanoch pedagogens kompetens

Detta är en M1-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Lärarutbildningen

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this study is to investigate the preschool teachers’ understanding of digital competence in preschool and their use of it to create learning situations for children in the form of increased opportunities for literacy. Digitalization has been given a lot of space in the latest revised curriculum of the preschool (2018). This has made digital competence a prerequisite for the pedagogical task in preschool. I want to highlight the opportunities and risks that digitalisation in preschool activities could entail in the form of, on the one hand increased accessibility and participation, on the other hand increased stress and reduced equivalence. It is about democracy as all children should have the opportunity to develop their learning about handling digital tools in everyday life in order to be able to participate in societal issues. Digital competence is a necessity in today`s society, both adultse and children come into contact with the digital in society in our everyday lives. Developments in ICT (Information and communication technology) take place at a furious pace, this will affect children`s working lives in the future. The preschool teachers digital competence has a significant impact on an equivalent teaching in the preschool. The starting point for the essay is my experiences of professional life. I will present the wording of the governing document on digitization in general and the meaning of the teacher assignment. Iwill investigate various strands of research on digitization in preschool and investigate the connection between literacy and multimodality. Finally I will examine the teacher´s  competence development. We adults need new knowledge and skills to guide the children in their development. Finally I will discuss the duties of the academic leader of the preschool when it comes to the implementation of digital tools in the preschool.    

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