Identification of Car Passengers with RFID for Automatic Crash Notification

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Avdelningen för signalbehandling


Automatic Crash Notification is a system designed to be used in a crash situation. When a crash occurs, the intelligent system is activated and automatically sends select crash details to the appropriate Emergency Medical Service Center. These details can be the position of the vehicle and the likely severity of the damage. Using the information, the medical treatment resources demanded for the accident is assessed at Emergency Center. Accordingly, first-aid facilities are promptly and properly delivered to help the victims. Moreover, it would be a great advantage to include information about the passengers, such as the number of passengers, their age, sex and identity, in order to prepare the emergency services for their mission. The project focuses on implementation of Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID) to improve the Crash Notification System of Autoliv Electronics together with First-Aid Profile (FAP). First-aid active RFID tag is pre-coded with a unique serial number (FAP-ID) that can be used to gain access to the First-Aid profile of that tagged person. Compatible reader detects the presence of First-aid tags and reports their FAP-IDs to Autoliv control unit, so that in crash situation, all passengers’ FAP-IDs will be messaged to Emergency Medical Service Center. During the project, the possibilities and constraints of using RFID technology for identifying passengers in vehicle is investigated, based on given hardware technological solution. Several tests are designed and carried out to investigate communication between the active RFID tag and the reader. Software program is also developed to build up the passenger identification system. According to experimental results, two possible implementations of the passenger identification system are proposed. Furthermore, the reliabilities of these two systems are tested against the situation when tag is buried in user’s pocket or bag.

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