Hemförlossning – varför väljer kvinnor i höginkomstländer att föda hemma?

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Sammanfattning: Background: To be allowed to freely choose where you want to give birth is a fundamental right of every woman. Although previous research has been able to demonstrate that for low-risk women the outcomes and benefits of giving birth in midwifery-led units and at home for compared to conventional delivery wards in hospitals, there is little information regarding the factors that underlie women's choice of home birth.Aim: To study and gain a greater understanding of why women in high-income countries choose to give birth at home.Method: A systematic review with content analysis, inspired by Forsberg & Wengström (2016), with focus on qualitative studies. Eleven articles were selected for analysis and the results were coded, categorized and thematized.Result: The result is presented in five general themes: To see birth as a natural process, To avoid the hospital, To create your own birthing environment, To have control and To know your midwife. These themes are constructed by associated subcategories.Conclusion: This systematic review shows that women in high-income countries who choose home birth see the birth as something natural and something that has a physiological course that should not be interrupted. They value the feeling of being in control and being able to control the birthing environment while avoiding unnecessary interventions.Key words: Home birth, Midwife, Birthplace choice, Women’s choice, Decision-making

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