Kroatiska glagolitiska missalen från 1631 till 1927 i jämförelse med Missale Romanum. Språklig och musikalisk analys av inledningsprefationen och prefationsbönen för ordinarie söndagar, högtider och vardagar

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för språk och litteraturer

Sammanfattning: The thesis analyzes the text and the melodies in the preface of ordinary Sundays, holidays andweekdays in croatian glagolitic missals from 1631, 1706, 1741, 1893, 1914 and 1927 with thepurpose to examine if the translation and its melodies follow the melodies in the roman missal– Missale Romanum.To find an answer to the question the musical notes in Missale Romanum and the Croatianmissals are transcribed into numbers where each note has a numerical value so it can becompared easily by readers lacking the reading skills of Gregorian square notes. In the thesismelodical differences between the Croatian missals are also analyzed examining thepossibility that the main accent in the words might influence the movement of the melodieswhich is the second purpose of the thesis. The third purpose of the thesis is to examine andcompare the Church Slavonic language in the Croatian missals to the latin language ofMissale Romanum with the intention to find possible compromises in the translation to makeit easier to set to music.The conclusion of the thesis is that the analyzed melodies in the croatian missals are the samemelodies as in Missale Romanum. The Church Slavonic translation is grammatically andsyntactically very close to the latin language. It is however not possible to conclude if thetranslation is made with the purpose of making it easier to set to music. The conclusion of theanalyze of main accents neither confirms nor contradicts the possibility of influencing themovement of the melodies in the Croatian missals. Further research is necessary to find apossible answer to that question.

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