Lärarupplevelser vid distansundervisning : En kvalitativ studie av upplevelser av ledarskap vid distansundervisning hos en grupp lärare i moderna språk

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Stockholms universitet/Institutionen för pedagogik och didaktik

Sammanfattning: The goal of this study is to examine what challenges in classroom management language teachers who are working at the gymnasium are facing when they are doing distance teaching. A qualitative study is performed where interviews are used as the data collection method. Five language teachers from a school in Stockholm county were chosen to take part in the interviews. These interviews were recorded and later transcribed and analysed to find categories to be able to further describe and discuss the data. This resulted in eight different categories forming. Results that are noticeable is firstly that planning and communication is the two most difficult aspects of classroom management for the interviewed teachers. For planning the time was considered difficult to control in distance teaching. When it comes to communication, the primary difficulty was to get used to communicating via a monitor which does not mediate body language and facial expressions in a satisfactory way. Furthermore, it was discovered that many teachers have problems with the technological aspects of distance teaching. There are a lot of new and complicated software that the teachers need to learn and understand to be able to efficiently educate.

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