Fritidshemslärarens yrkesroll : en studie av fritidshemslärarens yrkesroll och lärarlegitimationen

Detta är en M1-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Lärarutbildningen; Södertörns högskola/Lärarutbildningen


In this essay we will highlight the professional role and development of teachers and recreation centers during the 20th century. We will use the research of, among others, Finn Calander and Ann Pihlgren who have investigated and discussed the development of the recreation centers throughout the 20th century. The theoretical basis for the work is social constructivism and the socio-cultural perspective. By using this theories, we will attempt to explain how the recreation center and the recreations center teachers work has evolved and what has driven this development.

Furthermore, we will discuss the impact that the teachers’ certification has on the school centers’ teachers and their work. The teachers’ certification has caused some confusion regarding the purpose of the recreation center teachers' mission, both in the universities where the new recreation center teachers’ are trained and among the recreation teachers. We will compare our reasoning to Lgr 11 to see what the governing documents provides in terms of guidelines and guidance for the recreation center teacher profession.

The informants who have been interviewed in this work are four recreation center teacher with several years of experience in the profession. The schools where we conducted the interviews, were chosen on the basis of our prior internships there, and due to their geographical locations. The informants were interviewed about the schools they had previous experience of the profession and any disparity they experienced between their assigned work and the actual work, as well as, whether this had changed significantly during their time in the profession.

The interviewed informants described that they are no longer comfortable in the professional role they serve at schools as they feel more like extra teachers, something which they have not at all received training for, rather than the recreation center teachers that they are.

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