Tuna i Badelunda : Ett järnåldersgravfält i Västmanland

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för arkeologi och antik historia


This paper is about an Iron Age cemetery at Tuna in Badelunda parish, Västmanland. Tuna is a complex burial ground that contains a total of 66 graves that consists of 68 individuals. The grave field was used during a period of roughly 700 years from around the year 300 AD until the year 1050 AD. Three types of grave constructions are identified in Tuna, 53 cremation graves, eight boat graves and five chamber graves. This paper will investigate the placements of the grave constructions on the cemetery to study if they are divided by sex, age and grave type. The paper will also analyse and discuss the sex/gender assessments of individuals from Tuna, both the osteological assessments of sex and/or gender assessments are based on? The usual presumptions from earlier research about Tuna are that it was a cemetery mainly for females, but the report about Tuna in Badelunda indicates a diffrent conclusion.

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