Subjektobjekt och rörelsematerial : en diffraktiv läsning av dansens blivande genom subjektet

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Stockholms konstnärliga högskola/Institutionen för danspedagogik

Sammanfattning: The aim of this study is to understand how dance is becoming through the subject. What agents are entangled in the process of becoming, and what hierarchies are at work within my practice. I want to find out how they figurate and see if it´s possible for these hierarchies to reach positions that are more anti- essential. The study wants to assist with the understanding of this multilayer of relationships that are ongoing in the becoming of dance. The study moves in relation to posthumanist theories, with emphasis on materialists such as Rosi Braidotti and her nomadic subject. The nomadic subject is significant and fundamental to the study because it uses materialistic understandings of the world while not renouncing the subject's previously situational experience and embodied knowledge and takes special considerations to both the external and internal complexity of the subjects becoming. In posthumanist theories, or materialism, material and non-material things as well as humans and non-humans have agency. It is the relationship between different kinds of matter that creates the understanding of what is in the process of becoming. Through diffractive readings, the understanding of intra-action, and with the nomadic subject as a theoretical base, this thesis wants to make visible the different aspects and relations that are active in the becoming of dance through the subject. In addition, linked to the research topic choreography, the study wants to contribute with knowledge about the expanded field of choreography by understanding how internal and external factors contribute to how dance is becoming through the subject. The study also wants to provide and develop understandings for didactical and pedagogical contexts. My own practice is the material on which this study is based and through it I seek understanding for my questions.

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