Digitala verktyg och hjälpmedel inom universitetsutbildning : Hur påverkar digitaliseringen stress och psykisk ohälsa hos studenter?

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Umeå universitet/Institutionen för informatik

Sammanfattning: In today's use of digital services and tools in universities and other types of higher education it is easy for us to look past the consequences these can have for the students using them. The digitalization that is happening in our environment is also happening to the highest degree within education in universities. Many students in both Swedish and other countries universities struggle with different problems because of both generalstress and stress because of a fast digitalization of said universities. The purpose of this study is to get a better understanding of the different ways that digital technology has become a bigger part of university education. We also want to find out what different kinds of mental issues that can occur from the stress that follows said education and digitalization within it and how this can appear and be perceived and experienced differently. Furthermore, this thesis is meant to bring forward different kinds of ways the digitalization can be used, for example through different digital tools by universities and other surroundings to help students who struggle with this to better handle their education and their lives. In the study we gathered information and statistics from several different scientific articles and other national and international reports. By merging this information, we were able to build a picture of how the situation looks when it comes to stress and mental health connected to digitalization of education. From this picture we could then put together a result in the form of a list of conclusions about what is happening, why it is happening and what can be done to prevent it.

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