Kan LSD-inducerade transpersonella upplevelser främja den interreligiösa förståelsen?

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Centrum för teologi och religionsvetenskap

Sammanfattning: I have studied the results that Stanislav Grof reports from his research into nonordinary states of consciousness induced by LSD. The focus has been on the transpersonal domain, which mediates experiential identification with other species and mythic figures, visits to archetypical realms, access to past life memories, and union with the cosmic creative principle. Many of these experiences have a strong influence on the individual´s values, attitudes and interests. Profound transcendental experiences are often central in creating a keen interest in religious, mystical and philosophical issues, and a strong need to incorporate the spiritual dimensions into the way of life. The question asked is whether these experiences also lead to an increased interreligious understanding.

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