Exkludering för ordningens skull - Emotionernas gränsland i Kviberg

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för kulturvetenskaper

Författare: Karin Swahn; [2018-04-12]

Nyckelord: Emotioner; exkludering; gränser; säkerhet; ordning; Kviberg;

Sammanfattning: Mary Dougla's classical work Purity and danger: an analysis of concept of pollution and taboo from 1966 has shown us that our understanding of the world has to do with the ordering of matter into places. But what happens when these places are interpreted as leaking? This study investigates how residents in a student neighbourhood can experience a creeping sense of insecurity while still feeling secure themselves. Through seven interviews with tenants in the neighbourhood and a use of Sara Ahmed’s theory of emotions as cultural politics I find that the creeping sense of insecurity essentially could come into being through 1) the concentrated area of students which allows a sense of community, 2) an emotional circulation which connects the area to the suburb which works as a sticky object, 3) access to a collective platform in the form of a neighbourhood Facebook group in which 4) some tenants repeatedly writes about insecure occurrences or suspect individuals in the area which causes an accumulation of affect and 5) the landlord’s invitation to report everything suspicious in the area.

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