Kortfilmen i filmen : En studie i Saul Bass anpassning av förtexter till det individuella verket.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Karlstads universitet/Estetisk-filosofiska fakulteten


In this paper, I have examined if and how Saul Bass adapts his title sequences to the respective film in the matter of genre, plot, milieu, feeling and appearance. Saul Bass was really a graphic artist who has made himself a long career in film production, foremost as a creator of title sequences. Of all the films Bass has created title sequences to, I’ve chosen six films, whose title sequences I analyse more thoroughly. I do this to point out the differences between them and thus also show how Bass adapt them to the individual work. To do this I’ve used an auteuristic perspective. The analysis I’ve made of the six films points to that Bass adapts his title sequences to the respective films. I have for instance found that certain title sequences is an integrated part of the film itself, others work as a prologue to the plot of the movie, and others present the genre, the plot or a specific theme. Most of the title sequences also introduce a fundamental feeling, that follows the viewer throughout the whole film. However, it has also come forth certain likenesses in his work, certain images and themes. Despite this, I believe that Saul Bass designs his title sequences according to the specific work and not according to his personal style.

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