Kriminella ungdomar eller bara en massmedial bild? En kvalitativ studie av åtta utsagor om att leva i Landskrona

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: The aim of this study was to examine which impact it has on young people to grow up and live in Landskrona and their views of their future in light of the negative image that exists of the city and its people in the media. To get a better understanding we also choose to highlight what the youths consider significant in their lives. There were eight young people in the age 18-20 who participated in the survey and they all had a foreign background. What perceptions do the youths have of Landskrona and how are they influenced by their residents in the town and by the media that wrights negative things about Landskrona? What do the youths find of importance in their lives and how do they look at their opportunities in the future? In order to answer our research questions, we used qualitative semi-structured interviews. We found that the young people felt that the media only presents the city in a negative way, which according to the majority of them isn’t true, however, the youths also discussed that the city is characterized by a lot of problems but that the media sometimes has a tendency to exaggerate. They think Landskrona also have positive sides. The youths don’t think the negative media image of Landskrona affect them and neither does their living in Landskrona. Some of them expressed that they get reactions from people when they tell them they are from Landskrona. The youths also discussed the importance of family, friends, jobs and activities for their development and that these different areas are essential for young people to develop in a positive way. All of the youths have future plans, they see a bright future for themselves and they look positive at their opportunities in the future.

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