PODD i interaktion : - En samtalsanalytisk fallstudie av interaktion med AKK

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Logopedi; Uppsala universitet/Logopedi

Sammanfattning: ABSTRACT Background: A language is an individual tool for stimulating and organizing concepts and thinking. Through a language, the individual is also given opportunities to understand the outside world and himself. Not having access to a functional language and means to communicate results in a potential loss of opportunities for development and limitations in all aspects of life. For individuals with language-, speech- and communication difficulties, there are Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). AAC is a collective term for various tools and methods that aim to improve and facilitate communication and interaction between the individual and the persons surrounding them. One type of AAC is Pragmatic Organized Dynamic Display (PODD). Aim: This study aims to investigate what happens during interaction with PODD in conversations between two people using the methodology of Conversation Analysis (CA). Method: A qualitative case study was conducted during a day at a training school where an AAC user ("Adam") and his communication partner ("Elin) interacted with PODD in different everyday activities. The observation was documented with two video cameras. Result: The recorded material totaled three hours. From this amount of video material, a couple of sequences were selected for analysis. The analysis of the material shows that the interaction with PODD is built up sequentially through cooperation between the participants. Participants used different approaches to initiate, maintain and terminate communicative projects with PODD. The analysis also shows that PODD was used to perform various social actions within several different activity types. The results also indicate that it is the partner’s ability to pay attention to, interpret, support and guide the AAC user's communicative initiative, which gives the AAC user the opportunity to participate in the joint communicative projects.

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