FLUX : Rethinking two-wheel mobility

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Umeå universitet/Designhögskolan vid Umeå universitet

Sammanfattning: This project has investigated how to reshape two-wheel mobility in a more functional driven way, without losing the thrill of riding a motorcycle. The intitial cue was offered by the current rise of electric powertrains in the market. The opportunity of finding new spaces in the existing motorcycle architecture that could increase it's functionality and safety served as inspiration for this project. By achieving these steps this project wishes to envision a product that can attract new audiences whilst making two-wheel mobility more accessible. The process involved a variety of techniques that range from concept creation to 3D visualisation. During the ideation phase digital and analogue sketching techniques were combined after benchmarking existing products and visualising through animations possible solutions. In a later step the design was refined using digital painting in addition to polygon modelling. It has been helpful to evaluate the product in VR through various steps of the process, this provided a better understanding of the volumes and enabled a more accurate design of certain components. The result of the project is Flux. Combining unusual materials, like silicone, with a new layout offered the possibility of creating a simple yet advanced solution that provides various benefits to riding in everyday life. These benefits range from an enhanced cargo capability to an easier way to swap or recharge the batteries. In addition, it features some seamlessly integrated technology improvements that are vowed to make riding safer, without compromising on the experience.

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