Alla är olika och olika är bra : Idrott och hälsa lärares erfarenheter av anpassningar och bemötande av elever med diagnos inom autismspektrum

Detta är en L3-uppsats från Karlstads universitet

Sammanfattning: Several studies show that physical activity has positive effects for children with autism. Therefore, I chose to investigate the form of adaptions student in autism spectrum in the subject of sports and health and what conditions the physical education teachers have to create a favorable environment for student with autism. Through a qualitative research method with teachers in physical education and health, the material has been collected with semi structured interviews. The results show how teachers adapt teaching to student with autism spectrumdisorders. Physical education and health teachers work in different ways. The adaption can consist of preparation, the student’s special interests, structure, participation/involvement, andclarity in the teaching. Based on the discussion, all students are different and the teachers need to adapt the student’s needs. 

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