Analys av relationen mellan titel och musik - i ett urval av Torsten Petres pianostycken

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Växjö universitet/Institutionen för pedagogik


The aim of this essay is to analyze the relationship between the title and the music in a selec-tion of piano pieces by Torsten Petre. Based on the work list, a categorization of the piano titles has been made and the categories have been named ”emotions, moods and minds”, ”na-ture”, ”mankind”, ”dances and similar titles”, ”supernatural beings, fairy creatures and popu-lar belief”, ”foreign countries and foreign culture”, ”nationalism and tradition”, ”artifacts”, and ”miscellaneous”. Two pieces from the category ”emotions, moods and minds” Skizzer för piano, third series Op. 38, 1905 have been chosen: no 2 Svikna drömmar and no 6 Mörka stunder. See appendix 1 for the work list and appendix 2 for the categorization.

As a background to the analysis, a biography about Torsten Petre as a musician and composer has been written. The background also consists of a description of the bourgeois salon, an environment in which his music was played, as well as of salon music as a genre.

As there is no established method for analyzing the relationship between title and music, I have based the analysis on Benestad´s thoughts about how we perceive music. I have carried out the analysis using the piano and playing the piano pieces repeatedly until I felt that I could describe the relationship. The analysis shows that using the title as a guideline there is a clear recognition between the title and music, which can be described thoroughly, almost like a story.

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