Uppfattningar om viktboots och tyngre skoning inom islandshästsporten

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från SLU/Dept. of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry

Sammanfattning: Opinions regarding weighted boots and heavier shoes in the Icelandic horse sport The Icelandic Horse is a versatile horse and therefore a very popular breed. They are used in many different disciplines but mainly as a riding horse, competition horse and within pleasure riding. Icelandic horses have (beyond the three basic gaits walk, trot and canter) the extra gait tölt and some have the flying pace. In competitions for Icelandic horses the gaits are judged by points. The beat and the rhythm are two of the most important grounds for judgement. After that the speed and the horses’ movements are judged, among other things. To improve the beat or the flight arc it is common for riders to use weighted boots and administer heavier shoes. In some cases the horses are ridden with heavy weighted boots in competitions to improve the movements. The weight itself is within the regulations of the sport but may be too heavy for the individual horse with a negative influence on the beat of the gait. In those cases the equipage will receive lower points for the gait. The aim of this study was to see if the riders and judges have different opinions regarding weighted boots and heavier shoeing. In this study ten riders that have been on or are currently riding on the Swedish national team and ten referees on an international or national degree were interviewed regarding their experiences with weighted boots and heavier shoeing. The answers from the riders and the judges were compared to see if they experience the aids differently. It also made it possible to see how the riders use these aids in competitions and compare this to how and what the judges evaluate. The conclusion of this study is that the judges and riders have different views and opinions regarding weighted boots and heavier shoeing. The judges generally have a more negative view and the riders generally have a more positive view on the value and effects of these aids.

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