Webbplats i WordPress : Modulär uppbyggnad med ACF plugin

Detta är en M1-uppsats från Mittuniversitetet/Institutionen för informationssystem och –teknologi

Sammanfattning: The report is about the project with the aim of building a front-end solution on a website in the WCMS WordPress for the customer Photon Sports through the full-service agency Oh My. The website, which will be built from an already developed design, will showcase the company's product and include a function for interested parties to sign up for a waiting list. The structure must be made so flexible in terms of content that the customer can manage and update the website through the WordPress admin interface after the completed project. The modules and other elements that will build the subpages on the website are created with the WordPress plugin Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), self-written code in the languages HTML and PHP, CSS with Tailwind for styling, JS for functionality, and with WordPress' functions for mail and menus. The project results in a finished solution that is functional, responsive, available in different formats, and that lives up to the design requirements. The content of the website is flexible for the customer to handle and the basic idea of the WCMS comes in handy for both the customer and the developer, even if the usability of the admin interface does not always live up to its full potential. Results of technical tests such as validation of code and the speed of the website show points that do not reach the highest level but are concluded not to be fixed due to possibility or choice. The entire work with the project has shown lessons in method and approach, thoughts on possible further solutions to usability, and reflection on ethical and social parts of the project concerning accessibility and laws.

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