Utbytesoptimering inom läkemedelsproduktion : Identifiering av kassationsorsaker inom AstraZenecas packningsprocess i Gärtuna

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från Uppsala universitet/Biokemi

Författare: Gioeli Erik; [2017]

Nyckelord: ;

Sammanfattning: The project aimed to deliver recommendations of how to optimize the yield of thepackaging process of tablets and capsules within AstraZeneca's facility in Gärtuna(Södertälje), Sweden. The project scope included nine packaging lines of blisterproducts with highly similar process steps. The crucial part of the puzzle was toidentify cassation sources within these production lines, which was achieved by thecombined methology of qualitative interviews, quantitative surveys and statisticalprocess control applied to logged production data.The following cassation sources were identified:- Cassation as a side effect of start-up controls within an order- Safety cassation of tablets when the blister machine stops- In many cases, the safety cassation also occours when the cartoner stops- A cut-in-half tablet causing cassation of multiple tablets in the rejection steps- Leftover product on the packaging line when the order is finished- Target conflict between high productivity of the production line and high yield withinthe order- Difficulty optimizing machines settings for small order sizes, leading to higher stopfrequency and therefore more safety cassation of tablets, as well as a higher risk thattablets are sorted out in control stepsWhich led to these recommendations:- Optimizing the yield as a target value for process optimization- Log the yield for all the process steps within the packaging line- Consider the possibility of reintroducing rejected blisters containing approvedtablets- Clear prioritization of the target conflict between high productivity and high yield- Analyze if there are any time-consuming steps conflicting with high yield within theprocess of closing an order which are not required to be performed at that particularprocess stepAs well as future work:- Get to the bottom of the correlation between low yield and small order sizes- Investigate further which materials are prone to cause machine stops within thecartoner- Dig deeper into the problem of cut-in-half tablets existing pre-packaging-process

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