Varför är det så svårt att lyssna? : En uppsats om elevers svårigheter med att skapa ett socialt och tryggt samspel på fritidshemmet

Detta är en M1-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Lärarutbildningen

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this independent work is to highlight how important it is to work with pupils' social knowledge in school. The work also aims to investigate how educators can help acting out pupils in the social interaction. They need to respond to the pupils in the game, but also take a step back when they notice that pupils are starting to change their old behavior. The method on which the work is based is scientific essay writing. The work is based on an experience taken from my reality as an educator at the after-school programme. The incident made me think about a pupil's behavior and my actions towards the pupil. Some of the selected theories and concepts I have used are differentiation competence, communities of practice, life world phenomenology and bioecological system theory. The concepts explain how educators can work with relationship building in school, in order to best meet and understand the pupils. An important idea based on the theories is that pupils are shaped by their encounters with others both at home and at school. That is why it becomes important to pay attention when difficulties arise and help pupils, both individually and collectively. My text ends with me highlighting the most important insights I gained during the work. I have broadened my perspective on the experience. I got time to reflect on my actions and how I would have acted if my and Jacks relationship had been deeper. The work has raised thoughtson how I and other educators should work to help pupils cope with the social interaction independent of the adults.

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