Damaged Goods : Med fokus på emotionell kommunikation

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Konstfack/Ädellab/Metallformgivning

Författare: Anna Nordström; [2012]

Nyckelord: corpus; emotionell kommunikation;


How can the object based art help us, as viewers and as makers, to access a supplanted emotional state?

One way of positioning yourself within the corpus-field is to step outside the traditional borders of the field and aim for other values within the objects, such as a visible working process, a storytelling or an emotional relationship to the object.  It is a way of taking a step from the traditional silversmithing towards some kind of free undefined corpus-art.  To reach for suppressed feelings is one way to find an importance within the artistic work, to give it a purpose.

By investigating the concept of the sublime and the surrealist movement I try to find examples on how you, both as a viewer and as a maker, can put yourself in an emotional/intuitive state.  Through interviews with Jewellery and corpus artists I get a maker’s perspective which I compare with my own reactions to their work.

Works of art can be used as a catalyst to reach, and maybe also to process, unattended feelings. This creates a strong emotional connection to the work.  As a maker you can, for example, do this by working with it as a theme, or by using an intuitive working method. But also as a viewer you can be triggered to expose these feelings. Although, it must be said, that the viewer’s experience of artwork is always subjective.

I see the focus of emotional communication as a way of verifying the importance of artistic work within the corpus-field.

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