”Vems sorg? Vems känsla?... Jag blir inte klok på vems känslor det handlar om": En studie om omedveten kommunikation

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Institutionen för psykologi

Sammanfattning: The view on countertransference has changed from initially discussing the ignorance of psychotherapists to now being perceived as one of the most important components in understanding the unconscious communication of patients. The purpose of the investigation was to understand unconscious communication between therapist and patient, and in particular the phenomenon of countertransference. Therapists at a public psychiatric centre were exposed to vignettes that show examples of unconscious communication with obvious features of projective identificatory interaction between patient and therapist. A short and loosely structured interview followed. 21 interviews of this kind were made and analyzed according to IPA. The therapists well recognized them selves, and related what they experienced through the vignettes to their work. It showed that the countertransference dealt with feelings of vulnerability, inadequacy and powerlessness. The therapists reflected on the emotions and emphasized the significance of supervision and teamwork. They didn’t distinguish the feelings as countertransference and benefit from them in the treatment. The therapists handled the feelings by: carrying, denial, making them selves immune, acting out and projecting, and their work did not appear to be integrated with accepted theories. In the study this has been analyzed from the therapists work situation, personality and degree of education.

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