Resiliensbegreppet i svensk kommunal krishantering – Fallstudie av UNISDR:S kampanj Making Cities Resilient

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Riskhantering (CI)

Sammanfattning: Global risks from disasters are increasing, and with more urbanization more resources are now spent on planning and preventive actions. This has led to increased interest in working with the concept of resilience. The concept has now been adopted by different organizations to launch initiatives and campaigns to increase the resilience of cities and societies. The purpose of this thesis was to account for what the concept of resilience can contribute to within the context of Swedish municipal crisis management by looking at six Swedish municipalities, currently members of the UNISDR campaign Making Cities Resilient that advocates for resilience. The research goal was to analyse conditions for establishing the concept of resilience and what it might add to Swedish municipal crisis management. The results concluded that the decentralized system with municipalities has contributed to creating resilient municipalities, even without fully adopting resilience as a concept into the organizations. The self-governing municipalities should therefore have good opportunities to work with disaster resilience; not only regarding flood risks. Furthermore, a national network created for campaign members and relevant authorities has helped their work on the flooding issues, while the focus on resilience has been somewhat left out. Future recommendations are to investigate whether similar concepts of networks can be established within other areas, such as strategic resilience, and for MSB to further facilitate the discussion on the concept of resilience in Swedish context.

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