Samhällsviktig verksamhet och kommunal planering - En fallstudie av två skånska kommuner

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Institutionen för kulturgeografi och ekonomisk geografi

Sammanfattning: Our modern society’s functionality and safety is highly dependent on the smooth functioning of a number of activities, services and flows, frequently termed as critical infrastructures. Disruptions in these infrastructures pose a great risk for our societies, which could result in economic losses, damage to the environment and public health, and in worst-case result in loss of life. This thesis seeks to investigate how protection of critical infrastructure can be integrated within the municipality planning process. The specific question posed in this thesis is: how can municipalities work with the protection of critical infrastructure within the framework of municipal planning? The thesis is based on a case study of two Swedish municipalities, located in Scania: Lund and Lomma. The main question is investigated through the analysis of a series of interviews that were conducted with relevant practitioners in the field of emergency management and planning as well as through analysis of relevant documents provided by the municipalities. The findings of the study are then related to central theories in the field such as systems theory, the concept of resilience, risk governance and planning theory. The results of the study indicate that protection of critical infrastructure today is primarily a concern of emergency management. They also indicate that although a risk perspective has been emphasized in the municipality planning process there is still a discrepancy between different perspectives on the matter. Furthermore a lack of adequate infrastructure for sharing knowledge and data on these issues was identified along with an uncertainty of who ensures that protection of critical infrastructure is secured within the municipality planning process. Overall a need for a more horizontal governance structure and more clearly defined guidelines for integration of risk factors and critical infrastructure protection measures within the planning framework were identified.

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