Webbaserat forskarstöd : En studie av fem svenska universitetsbiblioteks webbplatser

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från

Sammanfattning: This thesis studies web based services for researchers, what kind of services are provided and how they are presented on the web, at five Swedish universities. In the digital age, the academic libraries have got to review how they reach researchers and what kind of services they can present to them. Since most of the resources used by researchers are available through the web, web based support services for the universities researchers can be a way to market the campus library as relevant. The study is conducted using a User Experience framework to explain the users way from the universities main home page to the services specifically aimed at the researchers. The services provided through the web page specifically for researchers are then analyzed with the help of a theory regarding primary and secondary services for researchers. The findings are that the services for researchers vary slightly, both in presentation and content. The web pages specifically aimed at researchers are similar but can be divided into three groups of different design and interface. Services that are provided on four of five of the universities library web pages are services regarding reference service programmes, information seeking, open access and publishing.  

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