How care providers work with nursing on a rehabilitation center for children with disabilities in rural Peru : An observational study

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Röda Korsets Högskola


Background: In Peru it is estimated that ten percent of the population suffers from a disability. Nursing in rehabilitation setting is when the nurse aims to maximize the quality of life for a patient suffering from disability or chronic disease. Aim: The aim is to describe nursing by care providers on a rehabilitation center in rural Peru. Method: The method in this thesis is observational study with ethnographic approach. The observations is performed on a rehabilitation center in rural Peru. Result: Two themes and four sub-themes were identified from the collected data. Nursing care with including sub-themes clinical investigation and family-centered care. Mobilization and independency with including sub themes improve the chance to mobilize and promote self-management. Conclusion: The Peruvian nursing care provided through a rehabilitation center in rural Peru shows that care providers are working with very basic equipment and limited instructions about how to maximize the patient outcome with very few recourses. Education methods are adjusted to their patient group to promote family centered care. Further research: Guidelines for rehabilitation nursing should be developed for settings without high technologized equipment as well as how to maximize the patient and family outcome through family centered care with limited resources.

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